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Boyd's CBD Purity Test

Our CBD is tested by a 3rd party laboratory. This allows us and also you be safe in the knowledge our CBD is real and it is pure.

The results show that our CBD is over 99% pure.

Our CBD is what is referred to as isolate CBD. This means that only the pure CBD in crystalised form is used and there are no other chemicals from the cannabis plant, just the CBD. This means there’s zero risk of failing a drugs test for THC or other chemicals from the cannabis plant as our CBD is clean. Our CBD isolate is extracted using the CO2 extraction method, which is the best method at producing the safest and cleanest CBD isolate. The only downside to this CO2 extraction method is that it can only be done using very expensive equipment in a laboratory type setting. However the upside is as close to 100% as possible CBD isolate extract, which is provides the safest end product for our users. Boyd’s CBD only uses the best CBD isolate and the best MCT oil. The lab results below prove this. 

Labratory Results