NEW! Edible Mints and Muscle Salves

CBD Shop

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive, fully legal cannabinoid derived from industrial cannabis flowers. Shop for CBD products here in our online CBD Store and we’ll delivery you the highest quality CBD products with next day (weekday) shipping. Our CBD Shop is not as large as others in Ireland but we only stock the best products. We don’t overload you with choices, or sell products with minimal effects, or gimmicks. 

Boyds CBD is made by two brothers, Gwyn and Cian from Donegal Ireland. They both value out door lifestyle and quality of life. These days people are typically spending too much time indoors, with too much stress and it’s affecting peoples lives. With out CBD shop we’re hoping to provide people the products they need to help them get back to having stress free lives again. Purchasing products from this CBD store will also help with inflammation and pain, give you better sleep and help you get on the move again. 

The most popular form of CBD in our shop is the oil drops which you simply drop under your tongue. You can’t taste the CBD and we use high quality MCT oil (which comes from coconuts) which is also great for your health and tasteless. You can even drop the oil into a coffee or anything else like that.

The chewable tablets are handy if you want to carry your CBD around with you. Chewable mint tablets are a lot easier to carry and take on the go. 

Finally there is the CBD muscle salve which can be applied directly to the skin on areas which have pain for example finger knuckles, knees and other joints or spots on the body. 

If you have any questions at all get in touch with us via the contact form, or give us a call on our local Irish number, and Gwyn or Cian will be happy to help you out! We’ve helped many many people now with CBD and are always more than glad to have a chat about your particular needs.