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How long does CBD oil take to work?

The length of time it takes CBD oil to work will vary depending on what illness or symptoms you’re treating, your dosage, biology, body weight or method of consumption.

This article will treat the question “how long before you start feeling improvement”, “what influences the effects of CBD oil”, “what is CBD oil supposed to feel like” and our very special “tips to ensure you’re getting the best from your treatment.”  

First thing to note:

How you use CBD oil matters

For CBD oil to work it needs to find a way into your bloodstream and interact with the endocannabinoid system (the receptors that control mood, coordination, pain, memory etc.) and there are many ways to achieve this. Some methods are faster, while others, though taking longer to kick in, have longer effects on the body:


If you want quick relief this method is the fastest. When you use CBD oil in a vape pen it finds easy access and is quickly absorbed by the lungs. Though this method is the fastest, the effects do not really last long. Perfect choice for treating some anxiety disorders like panic disorder. If vaping isn’t your thing there are other discrete methods.


The key to this method involves placing several drops of CBD oil under your tongue then holding for 45-90 seconds. Why? There are tiny blood vessels clustered under the tongue. When you hold the tincture drops under the tongue, the CBD oil is quickly absorbed into the blood. This method usually takes 10-20 minutes to feel the effects of the oil.


Simply swallowing your CBD oil will work, though this route is going to take much longer to feel the desired effect.

If you are building CBD oil into your meal and are looking for the most efficient results that it can produce, it is highly recommended to take it on an empty stomach, so as to ease digestion and the absorption process: that is, swallow before you eat so it gets digested first.

Topical application

Another way you can use CBD oil is to apply it on specific body regions like joints, acne spot or sore muscle. When applied directly on the skin, the CBD is absorbed through lipids and has direct access to the cells within the area. This method takes the longest but is beneficial for targeting specific areas.

What does CBD oil feel like?

CBD oil is not a psychotic compound. It doesn’t make you feel high neither does it make you emotionally bland. What it does is clean up the signals reaching your brain:

For people suffering from panic attack or other anxiety disorders CBD restores the brain’s emotional balances, while those suffering from inflammation and chronic pain will feel relieved of the symptoms.

So you see, it’s more about what you do not feel than what you do feel.

What are your Health Goals?

Understand that everybody is different in terms of metabolism, pain threshold, body weight, lifestyle and each with varying degree of symptoms. That means two people taking the same dose for pain will not feel relief at the same time.

Conclusion: CBD oil works differently for various people.

Healthy individuals will not wait long before experiencing the therapeutic effects of the oil, whereas people with problems like insomnia, sore muscles, joint inflammations, jet lag or anxiety might have to wait a bit longer.

For those with a severe medical ailment it may seem like CBD oil takes forever to work. Just ensure you are on the right dosage, take the oil when you should and then give it some time to do its work.

How much should you use?

You will need a bit of info like concentration and volume of the product, weight and severity of ailment or symptoms to calculate your dose. That’s why we created a separate easy to follow guide to help you with that.

4 tips to ensure you’re getting the best from your treatment:

  • Get a good strength – you will have to experiment a little in order to get the right dosage for your symptoms. Ensure you get a good quality and certified product with an accurate measure of CBD strength, we recommend starting out with our 500mg bottle.
  • Be persistent with your dose – irrespective of what symptoms you are treating, the magic word here is consistency. That is the only way you can tell whether to increase, decrease or maintain your dosage.
  • Pay attention to your body – in our dosage guide we made mention that you need to track your progress and experience in a journal or with a voice note. This way you’ll know if your dosage is treating your symptoms or not.
  • Spread out your dosages – Taking a single dose for insomnia before you go to bed is great. For those treating other problems like anxiety disorders, pain and inflammation etc. It is recommended to spread out your dosage so the CBD stays longer in your system to work on the symptoms.

What if you don’t feel anything

If you do not feel improvement while using CBD oil it could be that your dosage is not high enough for the severity of your symptoms, try increasing your dosage until there is a difference.

Remember, though CBD oil treats a variety of ailments and their symptoms it is still not a miracle cure. Give your body some time to get used to the compound and for the compound to heal your body.

Quality matters

To get the best out CBD oil therapy it is best to use a product that is well tested and certified, correctly labeled and is made from high quality materials. That’s why our products are purely CBD isolate blended with MCT oil to improve the body’s metabolic functions.

We have products with varying size and concentration. All are produced in small batches in order to ensure quality as well as adjust our methods based on our user’s feedback. Let’s get you started today on the road to a better health.

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