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Charlotte’s Web – CBD Oil Reviewed

When you purchase your product from a trusted and time-tested brand, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting all the health benefits of CBD oil.

Today, we will be reviewing a product from a brand that is always at the forefront of promoting CBD research and the development of new strains, Charlotte’s Web CBD oil.

Why Buy Charlotte’s Web Oil Products?

Quality Control

Charlotte’s Web is a company that ensures each batch is tracked from start to finish: they developed and own the strain of hemp used in their products; plus, you won’t find any other brand using their strain –they strong kick against it.

With a company like Charlotte’s Web, you know you are getting the very best for your money. What they’ve learnt from being in the industry for such a long time is that each batch cannot have the same colour, and they do not try to standardise the colour of their products with any additives or dyes.

Strong Reputation

“To better the planet and the people living upon it”, that’s Charlotte’s Web mission statement, and they are already doing just that. Starting with the Charlotte Figi (the girl whose seizure was reduced from about 300 grand mal seizures weekly to a few seizures per month –and only in her sleep) to numerous people who have benefited from their all their products.

Family Owned

Family is everything to many people. Charlotte’s Web is not just a company built to exploit the boom in Hemp market, but one that advocates for the patient whose family have struggled to obtain high-quality CBD oil to treat their loved ones.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil Review

To get a final product that contains high-quality cannabinoid, you need to start with a high-quality strain. The hemp oil tinctures at CW Hemp contains a full spectrum cannabinoid extract from their very own strain of hemp known as “Charlotte’s Web” with a CBD to THC ratio of 30:1.

The chocolate mint flavour is a favourite and it gets high levels of positive feedback from customers. In addition, the ingredients are really basic with nothing more than their hemp extract, carrier oil, and flavorings.

Full Strength CBD Oil [Basic]

Specially developed for those trying out CBD oil for the first time, this product offers 7-10mg of CBD per 1mL. Pick and enjoy any of four flavours (Olive oil, Lemon twist, Orange blossom or mint Chocolate) in a 30mL or 100mL bottle.

Extra Strength CBD Oil [Plus]

Twice as strong as the full strength, this product gives you 17-25mg of CBD per 1mL dropper. Also comes in four flavours and the same bottle volume as the full strength.

Original Formula [Advanced]

Each serving of this bottle gives you 43-50mg of CBD per 1mL. You can enjoy your formula in two flavours (Olive oil or mint Chocolate) and in different volumes (30mL or 100mL). This is the most concentrated form of their full spectrum hemp oil extract which makes it ideal for managing everyday stress and aiding recovery from workout pains.




Product site offers a three-question quiz to help you find a product best suited for you.Only ships to Canada and the US
30 days money back guarantee in case you are unhappy with your purchase.Could not find test report on the website.
Uses eco-friendly CO2 extraction method.
Affordable price.
Wide range of very potent products.
They also have products for pets.


The Hemp oil market is awash with many brands taking advantage of the lack of a regulatory body and a formal standard to produce substandard products, but CW hemp is a pioneer in the hemp industry and a master at creating CBD oil.

It takes diligence, dedication, and hard work to achieve what Charlotte’s Web Oil has done, and of course, they have been recognised worldwide with numerous awards time and time again.
Aside from the unavailable third party lab test result, Charlotte’s Web is a brand you can always trust to keep improving their standards.

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