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CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD oil can help people suffering from anxiety, manage their mental state by treating the problem at the source–unbalanced brain chemicals. If left untreated anxiety has the potential to grow deeper, depriving you of the ability to think adjust to life’s challenges, have a restful sleep or even enjoy life.

This article will explore questions like: “the benefits of CBD oil for anxiety”, “how does CBD oil treat anxiety”, “how much and when should you take CBD oil for anxiety”, “are there any side-effects, what should you expect,”, “how does CBD oil feel” and much more information to get you started towards a balanced life.


CBD oil has lots of positive pharmacological benefits, little side-effects and non-existent withdrawal symptoms which makes this compound a highly attractive therapeutic entity to treat anxiety.

What is an anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorders are a group of medical conditions characterised by excessive fear, apprehension, nervousness and worry about future events out of proportion to the actual danger.

These feelings cause physical symptoms such as

  • Feeling restless, nervous or tense
  • Feeling like something will go wrong
  • Having rapid heart beats
  • Quick and shallow breathing (hyperventilation)
  • Excessive secretion of sweat and frequent trembling
  • Feeling worn out or frail
  • Having a hard time controlling or switching from the present worry
  • Trouble getting sleep
  • Recurring digestive tract problems
  • Looking for excuses to avoid anything that will trigger anxiety

Examples of anxiety-related disorders

Anxiety shows up in many other different forms. When administered accurately (check our dosage guide) CBD oil can be beneficial in managing anxiety-related disorders and a wide range of other psychological conditions and brain disorders:

  • Panic attacks
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Social phobia
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Mild to moderate depression
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Separation anxiety disorder

Anxiety Disorders and Depression are different

Anxiety disorders and depression are two different problems, but depressed people often experience symptoms similar to those of anxiety disorder, such as insomnia, irritability, nervousness and difficulty concentrating on other thoughts. But both disorders have separate causes and emotional and behavioural symptoms.

Many cases of depression are linked to a history of anxiety disorder earlier in life. There is no scientific proof one disorder causes the other, but there is clear evidence that many people suffer from both disorders.

Common sources of anxiety

The causes of anxiety disorder are not fully understood. Some life experiences seem to trigger short anxiety and others tend to last long after the traumatic event is gone like:

  • Death of or illness in a relative, friend or pet.
  • Change of environment
  • Experience of abuse or neglect
  • Separation
  • Natural disaster
  • Announcements

For others, the cause of anxiety could be linked to underlying health issues. It could even indicate a medical illness.

Your doctor may request that you undertake some tests if he or she feels your anxiety may have a medical cause. Some examples include: Cardiac disease, both types of diabetes, thyroid disease like hyperthyroidism, respiratory disease, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), sleep apnea and asthma etc.

How does CBD oil combat Anxiety?

At the root of anxiety disorder is stress and chemical imbalance in the body’s neurotransmitters. The cause could be genetic or environmental. What CBD oil does is help the brain maintain chemical balance and manage anxiety inducing stimuli.

When a person with an anxiety disorder faces or imagines, an event that triggers anxiety the body is instantly flooded with chemicals leading to a feeling of tightness in the throat and chest, fast breathing, sweating, etc.

When CBD gets into the system, it targets the endocannabinoids system (CB1 and CB2 receptors) which manages these body functions, soothes and relaxes these receptors so they are sharper and ready when needed.

Can you treat anxiety with CBD oil?

Yes, you can. If you are having trouble dealing with the unpleasant side effects of psychiatric medications prescribed for anxiety, then it is time to give CBD oil a try.

Research has shown CBD to be useful for treating different types of anxiety, like generalised anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder (SAD) and more. Many people have reported success managing acute panic attacks with a vape pen. CBD has even shown promising results in the treatment of depression.

When should you take CBD oil?

It is quite simple, notice when you usually get anxious and worked up then take CBD oil before or at the start of the feelings of anxiety:

If you get anxious, very early in the morning, then you could take your CBD oil last thing before you sleep or as soon as you wake.

For those with acute panic attack that can get triggered at random times during the day, you could take your doses 2-3 hours apart. This way the compound is in your system ready to mitigate the attacks when they arise.

What dosage will calm your nerves?

Even though CBD oil for the treatment of anxiety is showing promising results, experts still find it difficult to determine a dosage that fits everyone due to biological, metabolic, weight differences and many more variables.

We created a dosage guide to help you calculate your dosage from the concentration and volume of CBD oil. We recommend you start slow, say 5-15mg and gradually increase the dosage until the symptoms no longer interfere with daily life.


CBD oil may interact with or affect the viability of certain medications. If you are considering a CBD oil treatment, first consult your medical practitioner to discuss whether it is appropriate for you.

Will I become dependent?

CBD oil doesn’t have withdrawal symptoms.

Many studies have shown that CBD encourages the formation of new neural pathways particularly in the hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for cognition and memory).

This means that with regular doses of CBD oil even those with chronic anxiety and depressions (which shrinks this area of the brain) will notice improvements in their mental health.

You can stop taking the oil anytime you want to do so without experiencing any symptoms.

Does CBD oil make you feel numb?

No, CBD oil is not psychoactive at all. It does not leave you flat by suppressing your emotions neither will it make you happy; the whole point of CBD is more about what you don’t feel and less about what you do feel.

The effects are usually subtle though the work it does inside your body are powerful. Instead of flattening or exciting your emotional state, what CBD does is relax the mind and make it sharper.

The first time you take a dosage of CBD oil, you might not feel any relief from your symptoms because your dose is probably too low or your body needs time to adjust to the compound.

That is why it is important to take the right dose and also note how your body responds to the oil.

Side-effects to expect

Here are some documented side-effects you can expect while using CBD oil. Please note that many of these side-effects were recorded at high doses. If you experience any, it shows you need to lower or spread out your dose.

Causes drowsiness: Not sleepy drowsiness, CBD oil calms down the nerves and when that happens it is easier to fall asleep. Research even proves that CBD will make you more alert by day and drowsier at night.

Dryness of mouth: This is the most experienced side-effect of CBD oil even at low dosage, you will feel a difference in the quantity of saliva present in your mouth. You may need to drink more water than usual. Which can be a good thing in a way! Most of use need to drink must more water than we do.

Low blood pressure: CBD promotes relaxation in the heart and other muscle causing a noticeable drop in the blood pressure acting on the veins and artery wall. Better if your anxiety is also causing a rise in BP. If you suffer from low blood pressure or any heart conditions or are unsure in anyway, talk to a doctor.

Changes in appetite: Many people report an increase in the desire for healthier diets, could result from the nerve soothing effect of CBD oil.

Nausea or Diarrhea: A high dose of CBD can disrupt gastrointestinal functions; take this as a sign you need to reduce your dose.

Changes in mood: While using CBD, you will experience the absence of stress and anxiety. Your anxiety will not be replaced with an extra-happy feeling, instead you should expect to feel calm and able to stay focused for long periods of time.

Well, you cannot go wrong with a CBD treatment – just ensure to speak to your medical practitioner for advice. Though CBD oil is not a ‘cure for all ills’ it does have lots of benefits, many of which you’re going to have to see for yourself. Start your own CBD oil journey today.


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