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7 Tips for Buying CBD Vape Liquid Online

7 Tips for Buying CBD Vape Liquid Online

We know, buying CBD vape liquid online can feel like walking through a maze for seasoned shoppers and outright confusing for newcomers. There are so many products out there we just had to create this short “how to” guide, so you know what to look for.

We covered the basics about everything you need to know about CBD oil and using CBD oil as a supplement. This article will provide helpful vape liquid shopping tips, we’ll talk about lab test results, preparation method, transparency of the liquid and source of materials used. Read on for more

Sourcing of the CBD

Why is this coming first? Well, the hemp plant is an amazing plant that somehow accumulates the chemicals present in the environment it is cultivated. So imagine if the hemp used to prepare your CBD vape liquid was treated with pesticide, herbicides or any other harsh chemicals.

This is one reason why it is recommended to go for CBD products made from organically cultivated hemp plant, because the planting method used is totally safe and healthy.

How is the product prepared?

The world is going green; this is good for the planet and everything in it. There are lots of methods used to extract CBD from the hemp plant, but not all are safe for humans or the planet. When sorting CBD vape fluids, look for a product that is extracted using C02, this extraction method is clean, environment-friendly and there are no residues in the CBD after the process is completed.

Can you get the product’s lab result?

In order to trust a company’s product does what it claims to do, they should make readily available a lab test result. A lab result shows you everything you need to know about a product: the quantity and concentration of CBD in the test sample; enumeration of metals or contaminant –if any- found; date the test was carried out; and, test summary either “Pass” or “Fail”.

What does the label say?

Look at the label on the product, does it conflict with what the test result says? People who take CBD oil sublingually, orally or topically for relief from medical conditions are well conversant with the possible dangers low quality products pose.

However, for people who vape CBD liquid safety is more important. Consider this, even though we all know tobacco is bad in the long run, at least the industry is regulated and consumers know what they’re taking. Unfortunately, the CBD industry is far from regulated.

Check out product website

You can tell a lot about a product by going through the brand’s website. It should be easy to navigate; offer useful and handy information when and where necessary; and easy on the eye. The website should also make a lab test result available and easy to find.

Can you see through the liquid?

Now, maybe you already bought a vape liquid before seeing this or you followed this guide and got one which you feel was the best. When you unpack your CBD vape liquid and hold it to a source of bright light, what do you see?

If the product you got is clear, thumbs up your liquid is pure. However, if the liquid is cloudy you can instantly tell it is contaminated and you really don’t want to inhale all of those.

Does the liquid have layers?

Any vape liquid that settles into layer is definitely not worth inhaling. How do you know how much CBD is in any layer or why the liquid forms these layers? Good quality CBD vaping liquid should be clear without sediments or layers.

We hope you found this article informative and educative. If you choose to vape CBD liquid, take CBD oil orally or use topical creams, you’ll soon discover the medicinal benefits of CBD millions of people are talking about.  


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