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How to use CBD

Looking at using CBD for the first time and looking for guidance on the best way to use it? This article covers how to use CBD for the best results and experience.

How do I take CBD?

CBD is available in many different forms, such as oils, eliquids, tablets, crystals or pastes. We at Boyd’s have started by concentrating on the best all rounder forms, eliquids and oils. We have found that both these methods have the best absorption rates for inflammation and pain. However, we are moving forward on providing CBD in other forms over the coming months.

Are there side effects? Why not?

No, there are not. We have naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors all over our body that interact with CBD. We have these receptors as our bodies are already constantly producing their own cannabinoids (the endocannabinoid system (ECS)).

Two types of receptors (CB1 and CB2). They’re found throughout the body, but mostly in the brain and immune system. CB1 receptors are those which allow humans to experience a psychoactive high. These receptors affect memory, mood , sleep and pain sensation. CB2 receptors are anti-inflammatory effects and are found in the immune cells. CBD has a greater affinity with CB2 receptors, so it’s naturally an anti-inflammatory and immune enhancer. It has, therefore, been found to be highly beneficial in treatment of seizures and many neurological conditions. Studies have shown it can also  help with digestion, fight tumour cells, as it is a powerful anti-oxidant. It’s  properties help reduce stress and help with sleep. Physically, it is an anti-inflammatory and can reduce swelling, muscle and joint pain. It is completely safe to use and non-addictive.

When functioning properly, this system is a major factor in keeping us healthy. Some medical opinion is that many people suffer an endocannabinoid imbalance known as Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CED). Some people may benefit from supplementing with CBD, the most abundant cannabinoid in hemp, a legally grown and regulated crop. It is non-addictive, does not cause a high and is easily incorporated into your current health regime.

What percentage of cannabidiol is Boyd’s CBD?

Boyd’s is made from CO2 extracted and decarbed CBD isolate. This means that our CBD oil and eliquid is made with 99+% pure CBD. It also helps us ensure that it contains the legal levels of the psychoactive THC compound.

How much CBD do I use?

The following is an outline of the different dosages for different Boyd’s products below.


Dosage for CBD depends greatly on the individual and on the effects they are aiming for. Basically, the greater the pain you are in or more disruptive the ailment you seek to treat, the stronger your dose will need to be. Body size is also relevant in this equation. However, it is only through careful experimentation, via the up titration method, that you will come to that ideal dosage.

CBD oil is best used in 6-12 hour rotations (two to three times a day). As the body absorbs it via the digestive system it can take longer than the eliquid to have an effect (possibly two hours), however it should be quicker as we have used easily absored MCT oil. It will continue having this effect for longer than the eliquid.

When using CBD oil, we recommend beginners start with a 100mg version. A drop in the morning before breakfast would be best and then another 12 hours later (or six then 12 hours later). Each drop from our 30ml bottle is equal to 1ml, which in the 100mg version will have approximately 3.3mg of CBD in it. So you’d be ingesting approximately 7mg of CBD each day.

Taking it twice or thrice a day is the individual’s decision, but those trying this way should keep an eye on how many hours pass before each dosage and repeat the process consistently as per the two dose method.

We highly recommend that you keep as consistent a routine as possible during this experimentation stage. Keep at this level for at least five days. Eat as consistently as you can and try and not consume alcohol in order to get the clearest picture of how well this dosage of CBD works for you.

During these five days the CBD should have an effect on you. The effect may be slight, but we have not yet met anyone who hasn’t felt some improvement on even the lowest dosage. The question you need to answer for yourself then is whether those effects are enough for you.

If not, we recommend the same routine, but doubling your dose. So in our example, you would use two drops in the morning and the same that night. Your dose would therefore increase from approximately 7mg a day to 14mg. Again, keep your eating as consistent as possible so as to better track the change in effects.

Some rough guidelines to show the levels of CBD needed for different ailments are:

Chronic pain: 2.5-20mg a day

Sleep disorder (stronger than sleep difficulties): 40-160mg a day

Beginning your dosage in this way is recommended by those researching dosages, as “over-doing” at the early stages can result in no changes occurring at all.



Boyd’s CBD e-liquid contains NO nicotine.

Boyd’s CBD e-liquid contains NO nicotine.

CBD as an e-liquid is absorbed much quicker than the oil versions as it almost immediately enters the bloodstream. This more efficient absorption rate also means that you need to use less CBD and can feel its effects quicker, making vaping a much better on the spot solution to pain, but also means it can also be used all day if you are a regular vaporiser user.

Vaping CBD has been shown to work excellently for pain relief, inflammation and for many people has encouraging effects on helping them sleep.

As with the oil, dosages will vary according to different needs, age, size, etc. Some experimentation will be needed to find the strength and dose you need. We recommend starting with our 50mg bottle, allowing a week or more of use to ascertain the effects and then increasing your dosage as you see fit, to meet your individual needs.

Best regards

The Boyd’s Team


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