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Why Buy CBD from Boyd’s?

Why should you buy Boyd’s CBD?

Boyd’s priority is the well-being of our customers.

This means that we choose the healthiest options we can when sourcing our raw materials. We use EU-sourced CBD for our oils and eliquids. We blend our CBD with MCT oil, a supplement proven to improve the body’s metabolic functions, better for you and better for the environment. Every batch of our CBD is lab tested and we provide full disclosure of the results on our site. Our CBD is a 99.9+% pure isolate with no THC present, thereby remaining well within the law and allowing you peace of mind regarding unwanted psychoactive effects.

We work with small batches so as to be able to constantly improve our recipes according to customer feedback. That’s how we came to use the mild flavour in our eliquids and oils. All of our customers/testers have preferred the light fruit flavour of our eliquid over that of the competition. We believe this means it can be mixed easily with other eliquids or vaped by itself all day. Similarly, our CBD oil is almost flavourless which means it can be taken alone or mixed in with smoothies, food, etc.

Because of our policy to work on smaller batches we can work to improve our product all the time according to customer feedback, which is always welcome.

You, our customer, are the most important part of the equation. We understand the myriad of information about CBD out there. It’s confusing, contradictory and sometimes just plain wrong. We’ve tried to put together a concise guide on the Boyd’s site to help cover the basics of CBD usage. We’ve tried to back any claims up where possible with appropriately backed scientific material. At the same time we realise that there’s a gamut of information that we could still be covering. We’ll be doing this with multiple blog posts and videos over the coming weeks. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter if you have any queries whatsoever. We’ll always try and help out where we can.

Most importantly, we’ve worked on achieving all this at the best value we can. We’ve kept product and postage prices to the lowest price we could, while continuing to deliver the highest level of service possible. We continue to work on offering better deals to customers in the coming months.