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About Us - Who is Boyd's?

Boyd’s is two brothers, Cian and Gwyn Ó Murchú (we share our mother’s surname, Boyd, as our middle name). Born and bred in the far north-west of Donegal, we’ve always valued the world outdoors and appreciated how interacting with it can add to our physical and mental wellbeing.

As we’ve grown older we’ve come to understand that it becomes more difficult to spend time in that natural world, even though it becomes more and more important to do so. Stress and lack of physical activity can be crippling and we want to help people escape a negative work/life balance and get out and enjoy a more positive, natural environment and the benefits it can bring.

Our CBD products are our small way in contributing to that move. In the years we’ve been in business, we have received super-positive feedback from people of all ages who have been able to enjoy life that little bit more, whether it’s as a result of a relief from physical issues which has allowed customers to move more freely or as a result of relief from stress and anxiety issues which has allowed customers to think more freely. Our best feedback is from customers who no longer purchase our products as they have allowed them an opportunity to take back control of their lives and can confidently and positively move forward.

As we expand we’re seeking to expand our range of products and further fuel your adventures outdoors.

Boyd Ó Murchú

Gwyn is your main point of contact in the company and there to answer any questions you may have about our products. An avid cyclist and runner, he also swims, climbs and does some stand up board paddling. Gwyn has a Level 1 qualified Precision Nutrition nutritional coach.

Boyd Ó Murchú

Cian is the business brains of the two. He enjoys the sea most of all and often goes open water swimming and kayaking. On land, he hikes and always looks forward to climbing Errigal when at home in Donegal.

Donegal, Ireland